God is a Spirit; God established a Covenant between himself and his creation. Free Will and Sowing and Reaping, it operated in Love and was called The Law Of The Spirit Of Life. His plan was to create angels to serve him self and mankind. God would create mankind to fellowship with, a relationship where God could live inside of the same body that mankind inhabited. His Spirit joined to our spirit. God created the earth and gave mankind authority over the earth and all that was in it. Satan, an angel lied to 1/3 of the angelic host and transgressed The Law Of The Spirit Of Life. Cause and Effect, bringing forth The Law Of Sin And Death. God was in the process of teaching Adam and Eve their authority when they were deceived by Satan. The results of this deception transferred the authority over the earth that God had given to mankind to Satan and the fallen angels and placed the earth and all its inhabitants under The Law Of Sin And Death. The Law Of Sin And Death, based upon the foundation of Free Will and Sowing And Reaping demanded death. To protect mankind, God allowed the blood of animals to satisfy the demand of The Law Of Sin And Death until he himself could come by way of the incarnation and once and for all satisfy that demand by way of the cross. The results of the death, burial and resurrection of Jesus made a way of escape from the Law Of Sin And Death. Placing the earth and its inhabitants back under The Law Of The Spirit Of Life.

 God was smart enough to come up with a plan to restore back to himself, all the devil had stolen. The earth and every human being that ever lived.

The missing 70th week of Daniel Chapter 9:27 is having reference to the Seven Days of Passover which began when Jesus the Passover Lamb of God was sacrificed. This also represented the Seven Church Ages, not a literal Seven Year Tribulation. The Seven Candlesticks of Rev 1:20 are the Seven Church Ages, each Candlestick having Seven Lamps representing the seven types of Churches. The weakness of the Church Age shown is in correlation with the weakness of the types of Churches, Rev Chapter 2 & Chapter 3. The first 3½ Church Ages turned the world upside down. The Gospel was preached to all the world and then the end came in the Thyatira Church Age also known as the Dark Ages, 500 AD – 1500 AD. The Bear of Daniel 7:5 with Three Ribs in its mouth rose up, a Spirit of Destruction killing the Two Witnesses of Rev 11, The Spirit & The Bride. The Testimony of the Spirit and the Bride was cut off. Jesus said the Church Age following Thyatira, Sardis was Dead, Philadelphia was weak and Laodicea the last Church Age would say they were rich and increased with goods and had need of nothing but in reality was wretched, miserable, poor, blind, naked and lukewarm. The last day church according to Jesus is sick. Like the Pharisees that Jesus confronted, the last day church has a paradigm of God The Father based on Moses not Jesus. Until there is a paradigm shift Jesus will not, cannot, come back for the Church.

http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=slG4RzU4I84   = “In The Beginning



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